Winter is Coming – Keep Your Tank Full!

November 20, 2018

We can all feel it in the air … the cold weather is almost here! It’s important that you make sure to check your fuel tank often enough to maintain the amount of fuel your household will need for the winter!

In addition to staying warm, a full heating oil storage tank can:

Help prevent burst pipes! If your heating system stops running because of a fuel run out, your pipes could freeze or burst due to the significant drop in temperature.

Keep water out of the tank! Water getting into your storage tank can lead to sediment buildup, which can get drawn into your heating equipment and cause interruptions in heat, and even breakdowns.

Provide a steady supply of fuel! There’s no telling how cold it’ll get, so keeping a full tank means you’ll always have fuel on hand. This is especially crucial if there are any heavy snowstorms or blizzards during the winter, which result in you using more fuel than usual.

Ultimate peace of mind is the reason to keep a full tank! So don’t head into winter with less than a full oil storage tank – contact us online or order your fuel through our website today!