Why You Should Remember to Clear a Path to Your Tank

December 14, 2021

At Tomasso Bros. Online, we proudly deliver high-quality heating oil at discount prices for homeowners throughout New Jersey, even when there’s inclement weather! While we’re willing to brave the elements to keep our customers’ fueled up, safe and comfortable, we can still use a little help from time to time!

We’re talking about clearing the path to your heating oil storage tank or fill pipe during or after a heavy snowfall and icy conditions if you’re able to. Here’s how it can help:

  • Speeds up our efficiency. Without having to trudge through deep snow or slowly step across ice, our drivers can move more quickly.

  • Keeps everyone safe. Between hidden dangers under the snow and tripping/falling hazards created by sheets of ice, a clear path is a safe path!

We appreciate the help – and if you can’t clear a path for health reasons (we don’t want anyone to get hurt!) let us know so we can plan accordingly.