Why Will-Call Delivery Is a Smart Choice for Your Heating Oil

October 28, 2022

If you are undecided about which fuel delivery option you should select, here is why will-call delivery may be right for you. Will-call allows you to receive the best price each time you schedule a heating oil delivery. You can control the scheduling of fuel deliveries, the number of gallons to be delivered, and the pricing is usually lower than deliveries from full-service heating companies.

Tomasso Bros. Online delivers heating oil purely on a will-call basis, so you can save money with each and every heating oil order. Our website also makes it easy for you to find the heating oil prices in your area with our “Get Your Price” feature. This tool is fast and easy to use. Simply type in your zip code and the type of fuel you need. Then, select your city and the quantity of fuel you require, and our system will display the total cost of an order.

Fuel prices are more volatile than ever. Allow Tomasso Bros. Online to deliver your heating oil so you can save money with every order. Contact us by giving us a call at (908) 351-0313 if you have any questions about our heating oil delivery or finding the lowest prices for your fuel. For over 75 years, Tomasso Bros. Oil Online has been keeping families and businesses in New Jersey comfortable!