We’re Here to Help You Help Your Furnace Perform Better

July 10, 2019

We’ve already discussed how keeping a full tank can help your heating equipment last longer and run more reliably, and we’ve shared that our sister company, Tomasso Bros. Energy, can help with equipment maintenance, installation and repairs. But it’s not all out of your hands!

There are a few things you can do to help give your furnace some extra staying power without having to bring in the experts!

These simple tasks can help your furnace run more efficiently, and reduce wear and tear!

Make Sure the Filter Is Clean

The filter prevents dust and hair from clogging up your furnace, but over time the filter itself can become overburdened with debris and cause your furnace to work harder. Check your filter monthly to avoid letting it get out of control.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Setting up a schedule for your furnace will allow you to save significantly on heating costs, and reduce run time for your equipment effectively lowering the amount of wear and tear on the system.

Keep Registers Open and Free of Debris

Airflow is important to your furnace – and for it to work efficiently, it needs to be able to circulate the air around your home. Keep all vents and registers clear of dust and furniture to allow adequate airflow.

Keep the Area Around the Furnace Clear

Like we already said, airflow is important! If there’s a lot of clutter around the furnace, there is less room for the air to properly circulate. In addition, crowding the furnace creates an environment where fire hazards could occur!

These simple tasks can go a long way when it comes to helping you save energy on your home heating costs!

To take it further, don’t forget to schedule regular tune-ups from a local comfort provider like Tomasso Bros. Energy! Contact us online to learn more.