Upgrade Your Home Heating System

May 9, 2022

urnaces and boilers have come a long way. If you're still relying on a ten-year-old system, consider an upgrade to give your comfort a boost.

Our sister company, Tomasso Bros. Energy, can handle all your heating equipment needs. And the spring and summer are great times to think about it! Here are a few benefits to upgrading your home heating system with us!

Efficiency Boost

The efficiency of a furnace or boiler represents its ability to use fuel effectively. The more efficient it is, the better it produces usable heat. Lower efficiency means you’re wasting fuel to stay warm! As equipment ages, its efficiency degrades. As a result you might notice it’s costing you more money than usual to heat your home.

Fewer Repairs

How often are you calling for heating system repairs? The costs of service calls can pile up! If you’re spending a lot on repair costs, it might be worth swapping your old equipment for modern equipment. Since there’s no existing wear and tear on new systems, your repair costs will be low if non-existent!

Better Air Quality

Newer systems use variable speed motors that allow constant airflow through the system. This means the air gets filtered throughout the day! Which leaves the air homeowners breathe cleaner and healthier!

With a new heating system installed in your home you’ll save on heating and repair costs. Call or contact Tomasso Bros. Energy today to get started on your new heating system upgrade.