Protect Your Tank from Winter Weather

December 27, 2018

If your oil storage tank is located outside your home and aboveground, its exposure to the elements could lead to damage. While utilizing enclosures are a great way to prevent damage, it’s not always a possibility.

Here are a few safety precautions to take to protect your tank through the winter:

Remove snow anytime a snowfall ends using a broom to brush off the surface of the tank. This prevents water from the melting snow from getting into your tank.

Remove overhanging icicles that could potentially fall onto your oil storage tank. It only takes one icicle hitting your oil tank to damage the unit.

Clear a maintenance pathway after a snowfall. In case you need to call for maintenance, and don’t want to slow the workers or delivery drivers down, remove snow to make your tank accessible.

Inspect the oil storage tank for damage that may have occurred over time. If you know or suspect damage, you can contact our service department over at Tomasso Bros. Energy for immediate assistance. While inspecting your tank, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Here are some indicators to take note of:

  • Rust and Dents – Corrosion and dent marks indicate something is wrong with how the tank is operating
  • Wet Spots – the presence of wet spots, either underneath the tank or on its surface, is an indication of trouble
  • Unstable Legs – In many cases, problems with an oil tank will be the result of faulty installation. If the legs are uneven, the tank would have trouble functioning at its full capacity
  • Faulty Vent Alarm – If a vent alarm malfunctions, it can lead to a messy and expensive cleanup if not immediately serviced
  • Oil Runs – If stray oil is present anywhere near the tank, particularly around the gauge or the ground underneath, you probably have a leak
  • Unprotected Oil Lines – If the rubber tubing that protects the lines that carry oil between the tank and the furnace is split or cracked, contact Tomasso Bros. right away!

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your oil storage tank, don’t hesitate to contact our affiliate company, Tomasso Bros. Energy, at 908-351-0313. If your tank is doing well, and you need to place an order for discount heating oil, sign in to your account and schedule your next delivery today!