Keeping an Eye on Your Heating Oil Storage Tank

February 27, 2019

Having your own personal supply of heating oil stored safely on your property is one of the many benefits of using heating oil to fuel your home heating system! While oil storage tanks are built to last for years, it’s always good practice to take a look at your tank and inspect regularly.

Here are some things you should take note of during your DIY tank inspection:

  • Discoloration on any vegetation around your tank
  • Cracking or sinking of the tank base and supports
  • Broken, cracked or missing gauges
  • Dampness or staining around joints of all visible pipework, valves and filters
  • Cracking, splitting, bulging of paint, and oil around seams and weld locations for metal tanks

If you notice any of these indicators, don’t panic! You can contact Tomasso Bros. Energy for assistance as they can help you determine if your tank needs to be replaced, and perform the replacement for you! If your tank is healthy, however, you can order more fuel when you need it right from our website!

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