Keep Your Fuel Tank Full This Summer

June 14, 2023

Now that summer has finally arrived, it's understandable if your heating oil tank isn't the first thing on your mind. That's okay - it is on ours! Tomasso Bros. Oil Online wants to remind you to call us to place a final heating oil delivery for the off-season.

When you leave space in your fuel tank, it is left vulnerable to a variety of issues that can cause problems for your heating system when winter returns.

A full tank will help prevent:

  • Water accumulation in the tank from condensation, which could lead to corrosion.
  • Bacteria and sediment build-up that can cause blockages and breakdowns.
  • Air from entering your heating system and damaging your fuel lines.
  • Paying historically higher prices when fuel is more in demand during the fall.

Start next winter with a full tank of fuel and schedule your heating oil delivery before the summer begins. Your heating system and wallet will thank you! Dial 908-351-0313 to set up your fuel delivery or create an online account here!