Home Heating Pre-Winter Tune-up

November 9, 2018

Getting your heating equipment tuned-up from a local home comfort provider, like Tomasso Bros. Energy, can ensure your home stays comfortable when the winter rolls around.

Here are some benefits of a regularly scheduled tune-up before winter:

  • Safety: It’s not safe to be caught on a cold winter night without heat! It’s also unsafe to use heating equipment with blocked vents, cracked exchangers or dirty burners. All of this can cause health issues to you and your family.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Keeping your furnace or boilers tuned-up will keep it running smoothly without any interruptions to your comfort later down the line.
  • Save on Repair Costs: A properly maintained system helps you avoid the hassle of paying for frequent repairs, and avoid any mid-winter malfunctions.
  • Prolong System life: While upgrading is always a great way to improve your home comfort, having your equipment tuned-up every year can increase the longevity of your system.
  • Maintain Efficiency: Routine maintenance helps you increase the efficiency of your home heating system by up to 25%. Higher efficiency means a more cost-effective way of keeping warm.

In addition to keeping your equipment well maintained, don’t forget to keep it full as well!

Be sure to schedule your next delivery soon, so you can ensure a full tank when heading into the winter! Call or contact us online to place your order.