Friendly Reminder: Keep Those Tanks Full – Even When Winter Is Over

February 11, 2022

It’s an important fact that bears repeating for all of our loyal customers: Keeping your tank full beyond the heating season does more than just ensure your fuel is on hand for when you need it next winter.

The more heating oil in your storage tank the less space there is for water accumulation caused by condensation, which occurs when the weather changes.

Water accumulation is not good for a heating oil storage tank, this is because…

  • It can lead to the corrosion of the tank interior and a potential fuel release as a result

  • It promotes the growth of bacteria, which can create blockages anywhere along the fuel lines

  • It can cause sediment to develop and damage the equipment when it’s drawn into the heating system

  • It takes up space, effectively reducing the amount of usable fuel the storage tank can hold

Don’t get too excited, there’s still a stretch of winter for us to get through before we’re back to enjoying the warmer weather, but consider yourselves reminded of the importance of a full tank of heating oil!

In fact, while we have your attention why don’t you go and check your heating oil storage tank now? If you could use more fuel, log in to your account and place an order today! Contact us online if you have any questions or need help accessing your account.