A Few Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

November 4, 2020

Before you know it, another New Jersey winter will be rolling through our area. For many homeowners, that means an increase in spending as the holidays come and go, and heating equipment sees more usage.

Luckily, there are ways to balance out your spending – by saving on energy costs! Your friends at Tomasso Bros. Online are serving up some helpful energy conservation tips so you can put away a little extra cash for your holiday shopping and heating costs!

  • Wrap your pipes in insulation to prevent them from freezing over

  • Make sure your ceiling has at least six inches of insulation

  • Keep your kitchen vent closed when you’re not using it

  • Fix air leaks around doors and windows

  • Check for cracks in windows and replace any you find

  • Attach a bottom seal to your door to prevent drafts

  • Repair weather stripping and caulking

  • Keep the fireplace damper closed when you’re not using it

  • Remove A/C units from windows

With these money-saving tips and Tomasso Bros. Online’s discount heating oil deliveries, you’ll have all the money you need this holiday and heating season! Contact us online today to place your order for heating oil – or call if you have any questions.