Energy Conservation Tips for Summer

July 2, 2020

When it comes to your home heating oil deliveries, ordering from Tomasso Bros. Online saves you on heating costs - but what about your energy costs during the warmer seasons?

We can help you help yourself with a few energy saving tips to keep in mind for the summer.

Keep your heating oil storage tank full

We’ve discussed the benefits of a full heating oil storage tank in previous blogs, but one important factor is that when you purchase heating oil off season, you’re going to be paying less than you would in the fall. So go ahead and place your order for heating oil!

Weatherize your home

It’s important to keep the conditioned air inside your home and the summer heat out! By using weather strips, sealant and caulking around window and door frames, you can significantly reduce energy waste. Also consider upgrading your attic insulation with thicker material to keep the heat from reaching the living spaces of your home.

Replace your AC

Old, outdated air conditioning systems can be an energy-draining nightmare. Modern equipment boasts higher efficiency ratings - meaning you spend less on cooling costs without sacrificing levels of comfort. Additionally, you’ll spend less on repair costs as newer equipment typically needs fewer repairs. Our sister company Tomasso Bros. Energy can help with equipment sales and installations!

Use ceiling fans properly

During the warmer months, ceiling fans should turn counterclockwise in order to push air down into the room and create a cooler space without the need to crank your air conditioning system. In fact, you could lower your AC and save on your cooling costs!

We hope you’re able to safely enjoy your summer!

Remember to order that final fill up if you haven’t already using our convenient website, accessible from any computer, laptop or mobile device.