Discount Price Doesn’t Mean Inferior Oil

July 2, 2021

At Tomasso Bros. Online, we get our heating oil from the exact same terminals as the full-service dealers. Delivering high quality heating oil for the lowest possible price is the foundation of Tomasso Bros. Online, but we offer many additional benefits, including:

  • You only pay when we deliver! You will never make a payment during a month in which you haven’t received oil.
  • We won’t tie you down. There is no contract to sign tying you to us for a certain length of time or number of deliveries.
  • Ordering is convenient. We allow you to order in just a few minutes off of our responsive website.
  • We will choose when you get a delivery, and – although it’s not always possible – we can often deliver the same day as your order is placed.
  • A variety of payment options. We accept cash or checks at the time of delivery, credit cards to pre-pay for your order.

Sign up for your account today to get the full benefits of Tomasso Bros. Online’s services before the heating season begins.